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So, What's the deal with CBD?

So, what’s the deal with CBD?

CBD helps to regulate and balance a wide variety of psychological systems. Not only does it help to improve your mood, but it also helps with anxiety management. CBD is especially beneficial for people who struggle with pre-bed anxiety.

I PERSONALLY have used CBD products for many years to help improve my mental health and promote healthy habits. I love to use it for better sleep (SO IMPORTANT FOR MY JOB!) and better concentration - that's right, you heard me- it helps me stay focused! My favorite CBD products are by Mindset Wellness CBD.

Mindset Wellness is not a one size fits all brand! They cater to the individual and offer an array of full spectrum CBD products ranging from gummies, honey sticks, CBD drops, and beauty creams. Their goal is to naturally have less stress and less anxiety through the use of CBD products.

Choose your Mindset

Choose calm products to relax and chill.

Choose health products to start prioritizing your well being.

Choose happy products to find positivity in your everyday life.

Choose focus products to be in the present moment.

Choose beauty products to feel like your best self.

Choose rest products to get the sleep you need.


CBD drops are from CBD oil extracted from flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. All of the products are made with natural ingredients and the brand prides itself on being vegan and organic. The CBD drops can be used in SO MANY ways such as adding them to your morning cup of tea for a boost to start your day or even in a glass of water right before bedtime to relax (my personal preference).

Do you use CBD products to encourage a healthy lifestyle? Feel free to send us an email at or a DM @jg.well to tell us about your experience or any questions you may have!


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